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Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm truly a Dawtah of the Sun!

Soooo, I'm back from Barbados, and I must say that it was an amazing, energizing, and inspirational trip. I have to thank my sista, Shakira from Ki-Leah Cosmetic Designs for her support and for making this happen!

The idea of moving back "home" which is Grenada excites me. To be awaken by a caressing breeze, or to be energized by the beautiful BOLD SUN, and to drink some of the most refreshing, cold, CLEAN water, Barbados made me realize, I'm so thankful to be a Caribbean Woman! This inspired me to break out my college thesis, and to work on a Collection based on the topic (to be revealed very soon with sketches). I met some fabulous people, Tammy from Party Central Lime Promotions and artist, Nakazzi, (please check her out on, they don't even know how they inspired me! I was a bit under the weather when I returned, however thanks to my mum and her healing hands, teas from her garden, and a great soup, I'm healed and ready to work on Aye' Shanti further! So, with that said, after my finals this week, I will reveal some amazing pieces inspired by my trip, some research, and adornments from my recent collection. I'm currently working on building the website and hopefully to have some creations in stores here in NYC and in the Caribbean!
Please check out the pics on my FB page: ayeshanti pieces!

"Enjoying some Sista time: Shanti, Shak, Tammerz, Nakazzi"

"Lana wearing Aye' Shanti Flower Earrings!"

"Aye'Shanti with Ki-Leah Cosmetic Designs..."

Events for this weekend:
I will definitely be there to not only have a booth, but to also PURCHASE! This sistren Mujaji is amazing, and I'm so glad that she and the REBEL FAMILY ARE BACK!
The Grand Re-opening of "Rebel"
Date: Sunday, December 13, 2009
Time: 2:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: 642 Nostrand Avenue