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Friday, January 7, 2011

Aye' Shanti 2011: Blessed New Year!

This is why I love a New Year… it’s a way to start New and Fresh with everything. As I prepare to showcase the new pieces, I will be organizing this blog and the website, so please be patient with me. I’ve also been asked to document my creative lifestyle online, so look out for that. I will be sharing tips and tidbits on living a creative life with a Caribbean twist (of course!)
Aye ‘ Shanti pieces are definitely different this year and just fresh! Inspired by my new place, my journey, the internship at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, music, the FELAAAAAA performance, fabulous rockin’ friends and customers, from a carnival diva designer, a talented dj with angel wings and headphones for a halo lol, a socarobics instructor with moves to whip your waist into shape, my razor sharp hairdresser, my besties (REAL, SWEET, and SPIRITUAL you know who you are ladies), my mate and musical genius, and biggest fan and friend, mum… you’ve all inspired this creation that’s about to BLOOM!
Look out for:
-Fabulous fabric covered earrings
-Hand painted designs
-Out of this world flower/botanical jewelry
-Stationary (yes, I said it, STATIONARY!)
-Vintage OAK (One of a Kind) designs

Also, don’t forget your Haitian Sisters and Brothers! January 12th marks the 1st Anniversary of the tragic earthquake that shook the WORLD, so keep them not only in your prayers but in your hearts and lift them up! I’ll definitely keep you posted on ways to support and if you have some information, PLEASE SHARE!

Sooo, as you prepare for the day or you’re already at work, stay warm, drink a cup of tea, close your eyes for 10 seconds: inhale and exhale… trust me, I see the snow coming down in Brooklyn lol! Don’t forget, “Do what you love, live fearless, live with passion and gusto, it looks good! Aye' Shanti 2011 lookin' Sweeeet...