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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Season Greetings from Aye' Shanti

Hellllo Family!!

Soooo, I know it's been a minute, okay more like months that I've linked up with you all on here. However, some of you have been keeping up with me and still ordering, thank you for the support! I've been so busy with classes, working on orders, especially weddings!!! Now that I have some down time, I'm such a busy bee, and can't wait to show you the NEW creations this week!! I will be organizing a gathering with clients to check it out... Let me give you a hint: VINTAGE with a TWIST!
Anyway, in the mean time, I know most of you are either boiling sorrel, baking bread, putting up new curtains, still soaking your fruits for black cake, or even preparing the last set of barrels for back home, and for those who are still putting up their tree, let me share with you an inexpensive decorating treat!! Oh and it doesn't hurt to play a chune with it for inspiration:

My theme for our Christmas tree was a mix of not only some of my paper flower designs, with a (red,gold, green palette), but also a musical vibe! I used some of my dahlin's old cd's and dazzled them up with some glitter and tagged them with some of my favorite Christmas Soca chunes. Check it out!

Soooo... see you soon, be safe, and stay stressless!!!

Much love n' light,