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Friday, July 29, 2011

Crop Over Send Off Aye' Shanti Style...

So, since Wednesday I've been looking for last minute tickets to Barbados for Crop Over, just in time to come in for the Bathsheba All Inclusive fete... (which I doubt is happening, but a sista could dream nuh!)

So, as I prepare for a fun-filled weekend hanging with my bestie, I will be in Barbados in spirit wukkinup, playing mas, laying on the beach, and having a sip of some Mount Gay Rum!!

I was also inspired to create this Bajan Ear Candy! I added the broken trident from the center of the flag which represents the break from its colonial past... So when you wear these earrings and someone questions you about them, you can school them with some Caribbean history! Look out for some more designs with a story to tell!

Oh and some Crop Over 2011 chunes faves:
TC Feat. Peter Ram "Coming Down"
Mikey: "Pavement Anticipation"
Red Plastic Bag: "Once Upon a Whine"
Alison Hinds "Explode"
Gorg: Jack it Up

BUT ONE OF MY SWEETEST FAVORITES RIGHT NOW IS Omari Ferrari's "Handle Bumper" which sounds very similar to the popular Australian 80's favorite "Land Down Under" from Men at Work! Great twist and turn of an oldies into a true CropOver favorite!
Anywho... as I pretend I'm on the beach right now, everyone have a great weekend and my bajan framily, LIVE IT UP!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something about Orange!

I had the pleasure of working on a custom design from the "Banana Leaf" collection for some clients and I must say, orange is a lovely color to combine with yellows, greens, and even pink! And not just pink but Hot Pink!

I love that these custom orders are full of colors. Added with a lil' soca... my nights in the studio is jewelry paradise!

Have a great day! Oh and don't forget, it's alright to color outside of the lines sometimes...
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Introducing the "Island Hoppin'" Collection:

Brooklyn, NY, July 22, 2011

Introducing the Island Hoppin’ Collection: representing the islands of Grenada, Barbados, and Trinidad to name a few (but not limited to these islands). This was inspired by the traditional jewelry of our parents who worn the maps in various metals with a sense of pride. Here’s a spin on those designs filled with an urban, funky twist! These are not your typical map jewelry created in metal but a design that’s hand crafted, cut, and painted. Also, to make it even more personal, I’ve added swarvoski crystals to a particular parish(es) you or your family is from. 
I love the idea of also customizing a piece in different colors or styles, so I welcome a conversation on how to make this unique for you.

It’s available for purchase on the Mango+Paper+Scissors Shoppe on Etsy: where you can find more Aye’ Shanti designs, so take a pass by and check it out! Oh, and I'm still taking Carnival Jewelry Orders for Labor Day, so get them in!

And one other thing, please look out for a FABULOUS giveaway (including some Aye' Shanti Earcandy and other surprises) in collaboration with next week. If you're not on it, organize yuhself, sign up with her website Jay Blessed Media for Caribbean Entertainment and News. Also, sign up with my blogs Aye' Shanti or Mango+Paper+Scissors for more information on current jewelry designs, Caribbean crafts, and more!
And to all my clients heading down to Barbados for Crop Over, Antigua, and Grenada for Carnival, HAVE A SAFE & ENJOYABLE TIME!

Twitter: AyeShanti
Facebook: AyeShantiPieces

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry: Carnival Divaz' "Bacchanalia"

For Day 3 of Carnival Inspired Jewelry, I have the pleasure of creating a piece inspired by the fabulous designs of Carnival Divaz Promotions, section "Bacchanalia" with Sesame Flyers for Labor Day in Brooklyn. It is full of feathers, jewels, and lots of colors... 

I wanted to work with a design like this because of it's large head piece. I've always created long feathery, leather, or crochet w/ crystals earrings and wanted to try something a little different. Recently I've been working with carnival lovers who must play front-line, and with a head piece that is large, in my opinion a smaller design close to the ear like a button earring can be the perfect balance for accessorizing your costume.

So taking some of the colors from "Bacchanalia", I created a jeweled button earring that is the size of a half dollar which allows for crystals to glisten in the sun, yet it doesn't over power the face. Again, I love when you can take off your head piece and if it's the face jewels or accessories, you still portray the mas! 

I also have another design that's currently in my shoppe Mango+Paper+Scissors  called "Rainbow after the Storm" that also mimics the colors and of this costume!

So if you're still deciding who to play mas with for Labor Day in Brooklyn and you want to go Front-line, here's an Ultra-Inclusive Front-line Only Section to checkout! 

Fore more information contact Carnival Diva at 347-791-6499 or

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry: Carnival Hunters "Parrot"

So, I’m working on orders and designs for Carnivals throughout the Caribbean to Toronto, NY, and London this summer, I'm having a great time putting together pieces inspired by costumes. I had the pleasure of going to Carnival Hunters Band Launch this past Saturday, which was my first fete in a loooooonnnnnnnggg time lol and it was a nice come back. Held on the roof of the Brooklyn Children's Museum, as soon as you entered the doors of the event, you were instantaneously brought to a Caribbean vibes filled with colors, music, and of course my favorite IRON! lol

But, back to CARNIVAL! I've been eyein' this costume on Facebook for Kadooment (Barbados) called "Parrot" with the band Fantasy Barbados. For some reason, I have a thing for Mohawk head pieces and just loved the look, so I created a feather/chain design. One thing I notice about jumping up, is that I start off with my head piece on, then in the middle of the jump up, you'll find it either on the truck or in hand, and when it's time to CROSS, I have it back on like the Carnival Queen I was meant to be. So, I created an earring with that in mind. 

First, I wanted to play with a piece that's light weight, and embraced the colors. I love the idea of wearing an earring that allows you to take off your head piece and still look like mas. (Btw, forgive me, this was an early morning shoot and I was trying to play around with the lighting on my iPhone, but trust the feathers has more of the turquoise color that matches the costume.)

 I loved the chain work on the belt, so you'll find a combination of feathers and chains. When it comes to this, I also realize, this would be a great one side earring where you have an intense one side with the feather design and the other side just gold chains... Designed to wear on and off the road!

So, if you're in Barbados for Crop Over I would definitely rock this costume (with these earrings of course) down the road! So don't hesitate, if you're heading down or want to head down last minute, hit them up! 

For more information please contact:
Caribbean Passion
Read more about the Carnival Hunters International ban launch here on JayBlessed
And for more photos and information about the section check out:  NYCaribbeanVibes
Photos courtesy of

Oh and speaking of Barbados, check out my "Island Hoppin' Line" featuring the map of Barbados! COMING SOON...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry: Fatal Angels "Sinfully Sweet"

When it comes to carnival, I'm always looking at the cut, design, and shape of a costume before creating an earring or accessories for a client. When I stumbled across Fatal Angel's "Sinfully Sweet" section with Ramajay Mas, I was automatically in love with the color and the various options.
 Front-line with large headpiece &  backpack
 Monokini option available in Pink or Brown
Photos by Ryan John

They have a number of designs for you to choose from, and I decided to create a piece for the Backline w/Feather Headpiece in mind.
I love the curve of the head piece, so I put together some various shades of pink feathers, making sure to choose the ones with a slight bend to match the shape of the head piece.

I then added some jewels in a curve for some uniformity. I'm a lover of one side earrings, and with a head piece of this nature, a one side feather would work perfectly. Either a chain earring on the other side or a crystal stud can be paired with it. This is a light weight earring which is great for jumpin' up and forgetting that you have an accessory on. 

For more information please contact: Fatal Angels
or check out Ramajay Mas  to get a taste of  "Sinfully Sweet!"
For your carnival accessories and jewels, you can contact me at!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Island Hopping Inspired Jewelry: SNEAK PEEK!!

So, I've been holding on to these pieces for a minute in preparation for them to be worn by a few of my clients heading down to the Carnivals/Festivals, so I'm SOOOOO excited. I actually had the pleasure of wearing them at the "Grenada Day" event in Brooklyn yesterday, and such a wonderful response! I will be posting them up very soon on the Etsy: Mango+Paper+Scissors Shoppe! Here's a glimpse of a few pieces I created recently.

Grenada "Greenz" with swarvoski crystal to map out the parish I'm from "St. Andrews"

Barbados "Bim" with crystals to map out the parishes "St. Michael & St. Philip"

Trini Leather Button Size Earrings!!

Also, this week is all about carnival inspired jewelry from Carnival Hunters, Carnival Divaz, & Fatal Angels to name a few... I had a great weekend and lots to share!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer jewelry is almost here from Aye' Shanti!!!

The jewelry is ready, setting up shop, and finishing up final details for Friday. I'm so thankful for everyone who's been hitting me up as I prepare to share some goodies for the after holiday sale I'm preparing! I've seen a few of you at fetes, festivals, and weddings with my pieces this past weekend, and you all look fabulous! Sign up here on the Aye' Shanti blog, or on Mango+Paper+Scissors, of course Facebook: AyeShanti Pieces, and Twitter: AyeShanti for more information. Also, first ten clients will receive a free gift, so please get on it with your orders and tune in on Friday. Tomorrow I'll definitely post more information, otherwise you can contact me at 


Here's a sneak peek:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer+Sale= Caribbean Dreams

I'm loving Summer 2011 already! It's filled with NEW projects, NEW designs, INSPIRATION, and lots progress. As I prepare for the Annual Caribbean Fashion Show in Brooklyn, New York in September and all the lovely Carnival jewelry and accessories being sent down... I'm experiencing dreams filled with hibiscus flowers, turquoise sea, riddims, and lots of sun!!

As I bring Mango+Paper+ScissorsAye' Shanti Designs together, I've decided to organize an after 4th of July Summer Sale bringing out the old and releasing (some) of the NEW jewelry, greeting cards, journals, and more...  So sign up on Twitter: AyeShanti, Facebook: AyeShanti Pieces for more information!  Let's celebrate Summer in Style!!