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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 peek

Now that Spring is here, I'm so excited to showcase the latest designs in the coming weeks. Look out for splashes and mixes of colors, fabrics and shapes.This time around, I was not bashful atal'! Also, I've added a new line of bracelets that I can't wait to reveal. Look out for more inspired sketches from my journals giving you a sneak peek of what's to come!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

D.I.Y. Crochet Jewelry Display

I have been crocheting since the age of 6, thanks to my grandmother and my mum. I also use crochet doilies for various craft projects including my journal and tags CHECK THEM OUT HERE.  During one of my vintage finds, I found 3 WOOD EMBROIDERY HOOPS WITH RATTAN WICKER 10" & 6" that I thought would be perfect as an earring display (you can see one of them in the last pic). I decided to try my hand at playing around with the embroidery hoops with various types of backgrounds and my first to show you all is this D.I.Y. Crochet Jewelry Display. 
First you will need:
Crochet Doily, Scissors, Embroidery Hoop, and nylon thread.
1. Line up the crochet doily within the embroidery hoop. 
2. Then thread the nylon (depending on the size of the embroidery hoop, I usually double the length around it to determine how much to cut.)
3. I stitch through the latch of the hoop through a crochet hole from behind and then start to sew in and out of the hoop to secure it on.
4. Once you've created the stitches, securing it to the embroidery hoop and it's complete, you can then tie a knot towards the back of the hoop. 

Here's a few of them I have displayed on the wall. This is the perfect solution for keeping your earrings organized and displayed like a work of art. And yes, these are a few of my jewelry designs that you can check out on and COMING SOON, SPRING/SUMMER 2012 line of jewelry, accessories and stationary!

Thank you for checking it out.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Sneak Peek: Crochet Jewelry Display

So tomorrow I'm posting a crochet jewelry display tutorial, one of many I've been putting together leading up to my Spring/Summer 2012 line of jewelry, accessories and stationary. I always look for creative ways to showcase my pieces and this will be the perfect design for your wall!

Hmmm... and perhaps a giveaway! :)
Here's a page out of my March Journal.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Fun: Journaling, Hair, & Neon

Before I start my day, I like to work on some pages in my journal. Here's a sneak peek of some doodling on the photos in my March Journal with some Sakura Gelly roll moonlight pens. These opaque beauties are just what I love for a "pop of color" to give that graffiti look to my pages. Here's sneak peek of what I was working on. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

#30DaysofLists: "My Care Package"

So if you follow me on some of my social media pages including my flickr, you'll find some of my takes on the 30 Days of Lists prompts. I was asked to create my take on "My Care Package" and as you can see from my list, it's all about creating... These are all the things I love and makes me smile. Actually this is the kind of care package I would give a friend, a journal or notebook, writing tools and the freedom to express themselves. 

It's not too late to join in the fun... If you're considering to join in check out for more information or you can contact me and I'll let you know the fun you're missing!

Here a few of my other lists:


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Love...

I welcomed Spring like it was an old family friend with a greeting card, painting and lots of designs this past weekend. As the new season blows in you'll also find a few new looks to the Aye' Shanti blog and preparation for the Spring/Summer 2012 jewelry & stationary designs. Forgive my absence, but a sista has been in the studio working hard and can't wait to share the new looks to you all. In the mean time, check out the new links to the side that will connect you to my favorite things on this blog. They'll be more journal pages, quick craft& fashion tutorials and lots of photography!
Enjoy the first day of Spring!

Monday, March 5, 2012

"Well-Behaved Women Seldom..."

This morning while working on my 30 Days of Lists Challenge Day 5, "Words to Live By", I remembered a quote when I was studying Women's Studies in college. It stated, "Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History"—Laurel Thatcher Ulrich,  and I thought how profound it was to me. When we examine the ways the women have shaped our lives with a voice, without fear, with an incredible sense of courage...  I am proud of all the women who Miss Behaved to make History!
Art Journal "Well- Behaved Women Seldom Make History"

Here's an update from my 30 Days Lists Challenge! Check it out here  :

Here are a few Spring 2012 Journal Sneek Peeks:
A few designs created for a client!! 

Spring colors and floral designs.
Have a great day!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Marching into Spring... Journals, Jewels and Pretty Things!

So, I know it's not exactly spring yet, but for some reason, anytime the month of February ends, it feels like it's officially spring time... It's a bit gloomy here in NYC, but that's alright with me. I love a lil' rain while I work or organize my daily journaling. This month is filled with lots of projects, especially one in particular that 'm sponsoring called 30 Days of Lists!

"30 Days of Lists is a challenge that takes no more than 5-10 minutes a day…all you have to do is write a list! And because the #1 rule of 30 Days of Lists is that there is no wrong way to do the challenge, you can totally make this your own! You can scribble your list between classes, type it into an app while you’re waiting for the bus, or as a way to procrastinate between projects." It starts TODAY, so sign up here!

Here's a peek of the mini book I created for this event:

I'm also going to post a few of my journal entries from my MARCH journal so you can get an idea of how creative you can be with journaling... From how to create pockets, add magazine pics and more...

And here's a sneak peek of some jewelry in the works for Spring/Summer 2012!!

So be on the look out, because there's more to come!