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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Marching into Spring... Journals, Jewels and Pretty Things!

So, I know it's not exactly spring yet, but for some reason, anytime the month of February ends, it feels like it's officially spring time... It's a bit gloomy here in NYC, but that's alright with me. I love a lil' rain while I work or organize my daily journaling. This month is filled with lots of projects, especially one in particular that 'm sponsoring called 30 Days of Lists!

"30 Days of Lists is a challenge that takes no more than 5-10 minutes a day…all you have to do is write a list! And because the #1 rule of 30 Days of Lists is that there is no wrong way to do the challenge, you can totally make this your own! You can scribble your list between classes, type it into an app while you’re waiting for the bus, or as a way to procrastinate between projects." It starts TODAY, so sign up here!

Here's a peek of the mini book I created for this event:

I'm also going to post a few of my journal entries from my MARCH journal so you can get an idea of how creative you can be with journaling... From how to create pockets, add magazine pics and more...

And here's a sneak peek of some jewelry in the works for Spring/Summer 2012!!

So be on the look out, because there's more to come!


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