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Friday, January 29, 2010

Trinidad Carnival 2k10 have me real' TIE UPPPP...

So, as I'm working on these lovely pieces (Flower earrings, adornments, Monday & Tuesday accessories) for Trinidad Carnival, I listen to the Soca chunes for inspiration... I try to imagine the costume on, how would the earrings fall, how would head band go, bracelets would look (would it add a lil cling and clang perhaps)All I can do is shake my head! So, as most of you know, I'm a lover of DRUMS, IRON, and ANYTHING THAT WAKES UP THE CARNIVAL QUEEN IN ME! Thanks to a few friends who share the passion for Soca music, they hooked a sista up for her birthday, and well over 100 songs for TnT 2k10!
A few favorites:
Machel's "Not Going Home" Original and Drum Mix... Equally moves me. "Sunrise from the East and illuminates the land...It's like a Gospel choir take over my brain, I try to keep them out but the melodies *refrain* what a feeling, look to the heavens, give thanks to life, de rains fall like a blessings from the sky, AND I ... RAISE MY HANDS UP HIGH, WHILE WE MOVE AS 1, SO NOTHING CAN KEEP US APART, WE MOVE WITH 1 ♥ , WE KNOW WHERE WE CO...ME FROMJ UMP TO DE LEFT! HOLD A STRANGER TIGHT, WE CELEBRATE BROTHERLY LOVE.. in de land of our birth, WE NAH GOING HOME TONIGHT!" The Soca Baptist in me is really trying to tame herself! lol

3Suns & Benjai "Foreigner"- Lawd... as soon as mi boi sent me this chune, I was of course shaking from side to side! Very vintage, and I swear the riddim in the background is Machel's "Too Young To Soca"... with the drums and bass, it's a fete, even a jouvert favorite! Just call me a Foreigner! lol

Blaze & Jay W "Palance" I can see myself jumping up with no cares to this chune on the road! A definite going down de road, I can imagine the Roadmix.. Especially that part "1-2-3-4"!!

Fay-Ann "Ah Something"- Sooo, I'm Grenadian if you don't know and ummm, I LOVE any riddim with the right lyrics that's Jouvertish! "AH Thinking of something, yuh feeling ah crazy or wha!?" lol Gutter Riddim is SOLID!

Teri Lyons "Carnival Again"- *Smh*... you hear the Capoeira riddims of the instrument, Berimbau, really gives the song it's HEART... with the lyrics, I love it!
Funny every time she sings "MOVE"... I think she chose the perfect riddim, Capoeira is a dance of war! I think the Roadmix would make it even sweeter for the road!

Patrice "Road Show!!" I just adore this chune... Another perfect "COSTUME JUMP UP SONG"... You know what I mean, the chune where you can see yourself in your costume and lettin' go! Feathers, beads swaying... and you almost forget that you're either a backline or frontline costume and not a QUEEN or KING!

Machel's "Bumper to Fender"- oh gosh, this tugs at my heart! Lawd, the OFFICIAL ROADMIX, sell off! Please just pass me my Tribe, Spice, or Island People cup one time and fill it!!

Honorable Mentions:
Machel "Thiefin" D'Enforcas Mix with the whistle, the 80's soca riddim, something about it is very sweet!!

Maximus' "Fallin"- OMG.. I can see myself in that fete swaying and doing a lil' two step with that someone in a fete! Love it!

Devon Matthews "From Today" Roadmix.. Again, I'm a sucker for whistles n' irons! I see it on de road! "De Carnival start from TODAY" It's true!

I have a few more chunes… but of course, I HAVE TO GET BACK TO WORK!! Stay blessed and full of healing light!

Om Shanti

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greetings Family,
So we're 28 days into the year and I'm so excited for things to come. I know it's been a minute since I've been on here, but I was in organizing mode. Website is coming along,(which should be ready in 2 weeks)for now we have a coming soon page for some buzz! The photo shoot is being prepared for next week (so check for some behind the scenes shots), and brand new designs for the Spring/Summer 2010 will be showcased!

I'm also coming out with a new line of exotic flowers for earrings, pins, and hair adornments. My handcrafted jewelry and accessories are prepared to tell you a story inspired by a written piece I did on the Caribbean Woman. This is the Art I know best and I'm prepared to make these wearable arts come alive! Thank you all for your support and chat with you soon!

Blessings and Light,