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Friday, January 29, 2010

Trinidad Carnival 2k10 have me real' TIE UPPPP...

So, as I'm working on these lovely pieces (Flower earrings, adornments, Monday & Tuesday accessories) for Trinidad Carnival, I listen to the Soca chunes for inspiration... I try to imagine the costume on, how would the earrings fall, how would head band go, bracelets would look (would it add a lil cling and clang perhaps)All I can do is shake my head! So, as most of you know, I'm a lover of DRUMS, IRON, and ANYTHING THAT WAKES UP THE CARNIVAL QUEEN IN ME! Thanks to a few friends who share the passion for Soca music, they hooked a sista up for her birthday, and well over 100 songs for TnT 2k10!
A few favorites:
Machel's "Not Going Home" Original and Drum Mix... Equally moves me. "Sunrise from the East and illuminates the land...It's like a Gospel choir take over my brain, I try to keep them out but the melodies *refrain* what a feeling, look to the heavens, give thanks to life, de rains fall like a blessings from the sky, AND I ... RAISE MY HANDS UP HIGH, WHILE WE MOVE AS 1, SO NOTHING CAN KEEP US APART, WE MOVE WITH 1 ♥ , WE KNOW WHERE WE CO...ME FROMJ UMP TO DE LEFT! HOLD A STRANGER TIGHT, WE CELEBRATE BROTHERLY LOVE.. in de land of our birth, WE NAH GOING HOME TONIGHT!" The Soca Baptist in me is really trying to tame herself! lol

3Suns & Benjai "Foreigner"- Lawd... as soon as mi boi sent me this chune, I was of course shaking from side to side! Very vintage, and I swear the riddim in the background is Machel's "Too Young To Soca"... with the drums and bass, it's a fete, even a jouvert favorite! Just call me a Foreigner! lol

Blaze & Jay W "Palance" I can see myself jumping up with no cares to this chune on the road! A definite going down de road, I can imagine the Roadmix.. Especially that part "1-2-3-4"!!

Fay-Ann "Ah Something"- Sooo, I'm Grenadian if you don't know and ummm, I LOVE any riddim with the right lyrics that's Jouvertish! "AH Thinking of something, yuh feeling ah crazy or wha!?" lol Gutter Riddim is SOLID!

Teri Lyons "Carnival Again"- *Smh*... you hear the Capoeira riddims of the instrument, Berimbau, really gives the song it's HEART... with the lyrics, I love it!
Funny every time she sings "MOVE"... I think she chose the perfect riddim, Capoeira is a dance of war! I think the Roadmix would make it even sweeter for the road!

Patrice "Road Show!!" I just adore this chune... Another perfect "COSTUME JUMP UP SONG"... You know what I mean, the chune where you can see yourself in your costume and lettin' go! Feathers, beads swaying... and you almost forget that you're either a backline or frontline costume and not a QUEEN or KING!

Machel's "Bumper to Fender"- oh gosh, this tugs at my heart! Lawd, the OFFICIAL ROADMIX, sell off! Please just pass me my Tribe, Spice, or Island People cup one time and fill it!!

Honorable Mentions:
Machel "Thiefin" D'Enforcas Mix with the whistle, the 80's soca riddim, something about it is very sweet!!

Maximus' "Fallin"- OMG.. I can see myself in that fete swaying and doing a lil' two step with that someone in a fete! Love it!

Devon Matthews "From Today" Roadmix.. Again, I'm a sucker for whistles n' irons! I see it on de road! "De Carnival start from TODAY" It's true!

I have a few more chunes… but of course, I HAVE TO GET BACK TO WORK!! Stay blessed and full of healing light!

Om Shanti

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  1. I love this blog. I can't wait to see my piece for TT 2010. I know it will be bautiful. And all your song selects are right on the money! :)