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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tell dem I cyan't miss de festival again, "Ah Coming Home, Home for Carnival!!"

Yes, yes, yes... I know, where have I been? lol No, not under a rock... but perhaps in my garden near a rock, but nevertheless, still here! I ketch' a musical creative vybe early this morning after listening to a few carnival chunes for the season, creating lots of pieces and getting ready for the various festivals this summer!! From Vincy, Lucian, CropOver, Toronto, Spice Mas,and of course Brooklyn! I couldn't help but find a vintage chune from my music archives for further inspiration, Kevin Lyttle's "Home for Carnival"...

[verse 1:]
"Is long time ah been away and ah miss meh Carnival
So dis year I'm on a plane, heading to me festival
Vincy Mas' ah love you, ah can't do without ya
For you there's a special place inside my heart
Ah comin' for mas and fun in de July sun..."

So in between beating iron with my paint brushes, burning the midnight oil, and creating some fabulous carnival jewelry... Aye' Shanti is excited and ready to see her clients on the road!!

I have a new line of feather creationz, creative crochet earrings, various hoops in sterling silver, copper, and brass! Not to mention a line of flower creations called "Urban Graffiti Garden!"... Inspired by the community and neighborhood garden designs in Brooklyn, growing in the midst of urban settings, filled with speckled graffiti walls, different cultures, and sounds... You'll find a few of these in BIM for Crop Over... If you're interested in discussing an order, email me @ They come in all sorts of color combinations, ranging from earrings, hair pieces, and shirt pins!

[verse 2:]
"Crossover to Bajan country, I'm going Cropover
Ah intend to wuk up until meh waistline blister
Cropover ah love you, ah can't do without ya
See me Kadooment Day from St. Ann to Spring Garden
A celebration of life for you and me..."

Speaking of Crop Over, have ya'll listened to Edwin Yearwood ft. Patrice Robert's chune, "Neighbah!" I love it!
"When we have each other, fix it up with soca, all of we together, my neighbor forever, THAT'S MI NEIGHBAH!" I'll fix up a nice music must have list for those traveling!

HAVE A SAFE AND WONDERFUL HOLIDAY WEEKEND... Take a chip, dance for me, and enjoy yourself!!
"Live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find eternity in each moment!" -thoreau