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Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Photo App Phonto

Happy Monday everyone, here's some creative inspiration! So, after Friday's post about my LOVE for Instagram, so many people were messaging me about the apps I use to add the typography to my pictures. Well the one I've been recently using is the app Phonto:

It's very easy:
* Upload your photo
* Touch the screen and add your text
* Try and play around with the various fonts
* Play with colors

This is the perfect app for quick, on the go playing around with photos! I use these for my Art/Journaling! Here's another photo I took of a fellow Crafter, Scrapbooker, Artist, Instagrammer Williesburgscrapper while enjoying the streets of NYC (Check out her blog: My Analog Life):  

 Enjoy this photo app and send me your pics of some your Phonto Pics! Have a great Monday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

INSTAGRAM Love & Another Sneak Peek

Hey, I’m on INSTAGRAM…and I just LOVE IT! This has given me an opportunity to post photos, (if you don’t know me, I love photography!), also to post it on more than one social media at a time and to meet some amazing people! At first I thought, do I need another social media app, because I think I have enough?? However, when I tried it out and found the ease and fun of connecting with others over the daily pics of our lives, INSTAGRAM truly got my vote! Oh and the filters are just fabulous! I love vintage looks so when I want to get that look, I automatically add it to the photo! If you’re on there, add me at I’m always posting designs from my studio, my journal and just pretty interesting things!
Instagram photo of me at Calypso in NYC

Aye' Shanti wedding crystal and feathers earrings

Aye' Shanti packaging

Stylin' Knots (Ombre') NOW available on

Btw, here’s another sneak peek to next week's Aye’ Shanti Spring/Summer 2012 REVEAL… 

Have a great weekend,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

JUST IN: Stylin' Knots Bracelets in SHOP

(Live it, Love it and Wear it)

I started designing these charm bracelets last year as wedding gifts and then created one for my boyfriend and I as gifts for each other.  While working on the 12 Days of Reflection project in December of 2011, I thought to myself, what inspires me… and why don’t I wear it! Live it… Embrace it… As it jingles on your arm, it brings on constant reminders and awareness. It’s light, adjustable and can be paired with just about any bangle or layers of chunky chain bracelets. 
Example of how I paired it up with other bracelets

Also, the colors are endless and can be customized for a tie dye or ombre effect. They are available on ETSY: Stylin' Knots Bracelets and Stylin' Knots Bracelets (Ombre & Tie Dye)

A variety of colors available
It’s Perfect for:
Giving a Workout buddy

Possible Words:  Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Smile, and Creative, Crafty, Style, Bold, Natural, Sacred, Hope, Calm, Chic, Sweet, Strength and more….
You can include names, initials or even Couple Initials like these:

 So checkout the bracelets over at Mango+Paper+Scissors  and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (click on the contact tab above or email me at


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bridal Gifts: Personalized Turquoise Cluster Charm Bracelet

Bridal gifts can  be hard to find but you can never go wrong with a personalized surprise. They serve as a cherish reminder of the friendship, the journey and countless hours of working they've done with you on the planning process . I had the pleasure of designing the perfect bridal gift for a customer and friend, Erica for her family and friends.  We decided on creating a Turquoise and sterling silver charm bracelet with the bride and groom initials. This piece is timeless and can be worn the day of the wedding or layered with other bracelets. Please check out the other bridal designs on or contact me for more information on how we can create the perfect gift for your special day! Speaking of bracelets...  NEW designs TOMORROW!!

Custom Bridal Turquoise bracelets
Cluster of bridal bracelets

Getting ready to be packaged 


Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day with Crafts!

Today being Earth Day, I just had to post a quick "BLAST FROM THE PAST!" Here are two of my favorite Earth Day inspired crafts from my older blog, Mango+Paper+Scissors:

Happy Friday - "Saying I Do in Style!"

Happy Friday everyone. Yesterday I did one of many reveals with the latest Spring/Summer 2012 wedding line "Saying I Do in Style!"... I hope you enjoyed the photos and please head over to the Shop either through the link above or CLICK HERE.
For the next couple of days I'll post photos with beautiful quotes to inspire...  Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Shop Update: Saying "I DO' in Style

Hi lovely people... So, I've been so busy with getting things ready for the shop and I'm just about done. I've decided to post the collections on various days this month. Today I've decided to put up the designs from the wedding "You & I" collection on my Etsy shop Mango+Paper+Scissors since the latest requests from brides to be have been pouring in. The fascinators comes in various sizes, colors, styles and can also be customized for your liking. I also created a bridal earring design called "Crystal in Flight", "which is an eye catching pair of earrings that will reflect sunbeams of light to add a lovely glow to your face." Please enjoy the photos below from the photo shoot and head over to the Shop to take a peek! 

Have a wonderful day,

"Vintage Ivory Flower" Fascinator with "Crystals in Flight" earrings

"Tangy & Fly" Fascinator 

"Vintage Ivory Flower" Fascinator with "Crystals in Flight" earrings
"Cocoa & Chai" Cowrie Shell Fascinator

"Oh Buttercup!" Fascinator

"Crystals in Flight" earrings

"Cocoa & Chai" Cowrie Shell Fascinator

"Oh Buttercup!" Fascinator

Friday, April 13, 2012

More Behind the Scenes (Photography Part 2) & Aye' Shanti in Tokyo!!

Happy Friday Everyone! So, we're a few days away from revealing all the new Jewelry and Accessories from the 2012 Collection. Here are a few more photos from the shoot just to hold you off till then! I want to thank Spiceklyn for the AWESOME video! If you haven't checked it out, CLICK here!

"Angel Wing" Ring and Arm Candy!

Inspired by bracelets: "Love" bracelet 

Marsha's holding a DIY purse COMING SOON to the blog!

Prophet Z rockin' the JA neck piece from the "Island Map" Collection

Shireen rockin' the Fringe neck piece

 Also, I just got some great news from my fellow Caribbean - based in Tokyo blogger, Petra from GyeNyameJapan that my pieces finally made it into the Lil' Limo Shop in Tokyo! So, to all myclients in Japan, head over there and tell them I sent you!! 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012- Behind the Scenes Video and Photography

Yaaaay! I'm so excited to share some behind the scenes footage from the Aye' Shanti Spring/Summer 2012 Collection! We had the privilege of using a lovely location at the swanky Downtown Brooklyn hair salon,! Inspired by my Caribbean roots and urban culture, this season’s designs are funky, colorful and sooo bright!  I’ve also created a line of bracelets and charms that are the perfect arm candy for layering with bangles.  We also had the opportunity to shoot some DIY projects for the blog, so I’m really excited about that.  In the mean time, enjoy this video and don’t forget to sign up to get updates!! Enjoy the viewing today and be prepared to shop, the LOOKBOOK is coming soon.

Here’s some behind the scenes footage from the Aye’ Shanti  Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook photo shoot:

Check out for more information, updates and diy tips! Make sure to sign up!
Aye’ Shanti:
Facebook: www.facebook/ayeshantidesigns
Instagram: AyeShanti
Flickr: AyeShanti
Pinterest: AyeShanti
Models: Marsha, Deniece & Shireen, Prophet Z
Videography/Editing , Behind the Scenes Photos by Spiceklyn  -
Photography by Allan Turner Photography :
Makeup: Makeup by Kifana
Styling:  DenieceCStyles:
Hair Stylist: Shireen Loctician :
Artist: Prophet Z : ,

Location: Sol Natural Hair 95 Hanson Place 2fl Brooklyn, NY 11216
Art Direction: Aye’ Shanti

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Inspiration & Behind the Scenes

Happy Monday!! Here's some Inspiration out of my journal!
"Just be YOU. It doesn't matter what people think." -Lily Allen (NYLON Magazine 2009)


As we prepare for the new line of jewelry and accessories with the photographer from the shoot,  we're here in studio working on some behind the scene shots for a sneak peek video! I love to show the process and funny takes of the day, because it was so inspiring and fun!
Btw, check out the lovely Tropical Easter bouquet from my parents in the background here! They always want to add a touch of the Caribbean into our life and I love it! Speaking of Caribbean, did any of y'all go kite flying this past weekend? Oh how I wish we were in Grenada for the holidays. Anywho, let me head back to work, enjoy these photos, lots of more are COMING SOON!!
Oh, let me just add, look out for more D.I.Y. and Journaling posts this month!