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Friday, April 27, 2012

INSTAGRAM Love & Another Sneak Peek

Hey, I’m on INSTAGRAM…and I just LOVE IT! This has given me an opportunity to post photos, (if you don’t know me, I love photography!), also to post it on more than one social media at a time and to meet some amazing people! At first I thought, do I need another social media app, because I think I have enough?? However, when I tried it out and found the ease and fun of connecting with others over the daily pics of our lives, INSTAGRAM truly got my vote! Oh and the filters are just fabulous! I love vintage looks so when I want to get that look, I automatically add it to the photo! If you’re on there, add me at I’m always posting designs from my studio, my journal and just pretty interesting things!
Instagram photo of me at Calypso in NYC

Aye' Shanti wedding crystal and feathers earrings

Aye' Shanti packaging

Stylin' Knots (Ombre') NOW available on

Btw, here’s another sneak peek to next week's Aye’ Shanti Spring/Summer 2012 REVEAL… 

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