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Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Photo App Phonto

Happy Monday everyone, here's some creative inspiration! So, after Friday's post about my LOVE for Instagram, so many people were messaging me about the apps I use to add the typography to my pictures. Well the one I've been recently using is the app Phonto:

It's very easy:
* Upload your photo
* Touch the screen and add your text
* Try and play around with the various fonts
* Play with colors

This is the perfect app for quick, on the go playing around with photos! I use these for my Art/Journaling! Here's another photo I took of a fellow Crafter, Scrapbooker, Artist, Instagrammer Williesburgscrapper while enjoying the streets of NYC (Check out her blog: My Analog Life):  

 Enjoy this photo app and send me your pics of some your Phonto Pics! Have a great Monday!

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