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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fabulous Culture Giveaway with Abiosé Massaquoi Designs

Hey!!! I'm so excited to announce this fabulous giveaway with Abiosé Massaquoi Designs (AMd) We will be giving away:
1) One Abiosé Massaquoi Designs (AMd)custom-made African print bow tie

 2) One Ayé Shanti Turquoise Cluster Charm Bracelet!

We're calling it the Culture giveaway because we are proud of our African and Caribbean heritage and is source of inspiration to the art and designs of our brands AMd and Ayé Shanti.
To enter, email us one word that describes culture to you.

Deadline: May 11th,
Send your entries to:

Check out Abiosé Massaquoi Designs to check out her lovely shop!!


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