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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Inspiration: I'm Choosing Pleasant

I love to doodle, write and create lil' pieces of works that can be placed in books to be found years from now. So in creating the Monday Inspiration, I was inspired by a quote sent to me this morning and it was definitely needed: "There's no time like the Pleasant." -Oliver Herford

I thought to myself wow, ain't that the truth. In further research, I also found a similar quote:

"Never put off enjoyment because there's no time like the pleasant." - Evan Esar

So, I'm choosing to enjoy the moments, every lil bits and pieces of it in my life.
There's nothing like carrying a pleasant attitude when trying to get through life. The simple gestures of a smile, a handwritten note to self or a yummy cup of tea when one is stressed, can bring you to a place of peace and balance.

(written on kraft card stock envelope, Paper Mate Flair felt tip pen and white uni-ball signo pen)

Have a great day

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