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Friday, September 30, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry (Miami): Fatal Angels "Venus"

So, Happy Friday everyone... The days are counting down till allyuh reach in Miami and even though I will not be there *I'monaTnTCarnivalbudget* lol , I know it's going to be a blast, especially the ladies n' gents rockin' my pieces in the fetes and on the road!!

So my Carnival Inspiration for today comes from the lovely ladies of Fatal Angels with the section called "Venus" for Natural Freaks... So, I know it's another one side earring but it really works for some costumes, especially this hot number with a hood... A hood?! Really!? This is my costume dream because I love hoodies, very urban and cute!
So, looking at this model, she's rocking the one side earring with a chain on the other! Like I mentioned yesterday, "It allows you to be more than one look from various angles..."

So, I created another version of this design, but this time with these beautiful gold rhinestone nuggets, very similar to yesterday's design for Chimaera- Carnival Nationz. Knowing Miami, when the sun hits these earrings, it's pure shine and glitz, and that's the ultimate photo op while on the road!

So, definitely head over to Natural Freaks and check out Venus and all the lovely sections including my first Miami Carnival inspiration, Orions Belt!!

Have a great weekend...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry (Miami): Carnival Nationz (Chimaera)

Hey everyone, welcome back for more designs inspired by my favorite costumes!

I had the opportunity to check out a few costumes from Miami and thanks to a lovely carnival dahlin, Clivia, I was able to view some beautiful costumes from the band, Carnival Nationz (Miami). Their theme for the road this year is a mysterious story entitled "Mythical Tales"... After viewing the costumes, I was in love with tale of CHIMAERA and just the color scheme and jewels. Check out the story line below (so detailed and true to the costume)

The Chimaera is a BLAST of BLAZING FIRE…
A multi-creature creature… a monstrous fire-breathing female creature composed of parts from other animals. A body of a Lioness… a tail that ends with a Snake head… the head of a Goat from the centre of her spine… all compiled to create a beast of monumental proportions. The offspring of two Greek demons… the Chimaera is swift-footed, brutally strong, and never backs down from a fight. Face the Chimaera and you not only battle one beast but several creatures wrapped up in one… a blast of blazing fire!!!
-courtesy of Carnival Nationz

I decided to create a piece that not only had the colors of the costume but also had the similar bits of jewels cascading down the feathers.

I did a one side earring, because something about the story line speaks of a multi-creature and what I love about one side designs, is that it allows you to be more than one look from various angles, so you can either wear a stud or chain on the other side.

(However this can be created as a pair) It's very light weight, glitzy and can be worn even after carnival!! So, I hope you enjoyed today's inspiration and also check out their site, I still see a few costumes available!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry (Miami): Orion's Belt

So at the Caribbean Fashion Show a couple weeks here in Brooklyn, we were blessed with the presence of a lovely costume presentation from Orion's Belt with Natural Freaks for Miami Carnival. I automatically knew that I wanted to create an earring design for this costume.

I added sparkling gem at the top for a celestial effect and a mix of turquoise blue feathers to give a pop of color to the ears.

Like many mas players like myself, I always try to make a piece that still sings "Carnival" even when the head piece is off or you have a major back pack.

Please check out their section @ Carnival Info if you haven't signed up for a band and look out for more Carnival accessory inspirations tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 Great things from Aye' Shanti!

It's a lil chilly out there and I love love autumn colors with my blazer and jeans! So, here's a couple of Great things from Aye' Shanti!

Great thing #1:
With autumn here, and the trees changing colors, of course my designs will take a slight change of color as well. Check out some of these new "African Vibrations" Autumn inspired designs!

earrings come in both a hook as well as button style!

I'm currently in Tabeel Boutique in Park Slope, so check it out!

Great thing #2:

For those who linked me for photos and video footage from the fashion show, here's a link a to my segment!

courtesy: Spiceklyn & Kiska Production

Great thing #3:
Please look out starting tomorrow for Miami Carnival Inspired jewelry from bands here in Brooklyn to Miami!!

Great thing #4:
I had the opportunity to showcase some Aye' Shanti Pieces at the Sol Natural Hair Show with hairstylist Shireen! The models looked amazing and the pieces just added a touch of Urban/Caribbean vibes!

So, look out for more photos and video from the show!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Feather & Crystal Dream

I literally did a two step back after seeing this window in the city!! I'm in love... This is where feathers and crystals come together and become my day-fantasy! Back to some carnival creations...

- shanti

Location:In the city...

Monday, September 19, 2011

After the Show comes...

So, after some hard work for a couple of weeks, the fashion show was worth it. Made connections with lots of great Caribbean designers and some lovely clients. Now that I'm playing catch up, I'm organizing some jewelry inspiration ideas for Miami and Trinidad Carnival, some custom designs for OLD/NEW clients, and preparing to work on holiday orders! I'm so excited and thankfully took a week to get my energy back to normal!

Here are a few pieces from the runway:

Oh check out this video link from the Caribbean Fashion Show! My pieces can be found at 7:13 into the video, however, I suggest you look at them all!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: Fashion Show Sneak Peek!!

I'm finally out of the studio but only for a few hours. I've been working so hard in adding the finishing touches to these incredible designs for the Caribbean Fashion Show Extravaganza that's happening in Brooklyn, NY this Saturday! The theme of my segment is all about the beach, the lime, the experience of the Caribbean. Lots of incredible colors, NEW designs, and just awesomeness!! I also, stopped by some mas camps and I'm so impressed with what I'm seeing, especially out the Fatal Angels Camp (I must say Sinfully Sweet is looking GREAT!!)

So here's a sneak peek out of the studio:

For tickets, please contact me at 347-400-8498!! Hope to see you there...