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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry (Miami): Carnival Nationz (Chimaera)

Hey everyone, welcome back for more designs inspired by my favorite costumes!

I had the opportunity to check out a few costumes from Miami and thanks to a lovely carnival dahlin, Clivia, I was able to view some beautiful costumes from the band, Carnival Nationz (Miami). Their theme for the road this year is a mysterious story entitled "Mythical Tales"... After viewing the costumes, I was in love with tale of CHIMAERA and just the color scheme and jewels. Check out the story line below (so detailed and true to the costume)

The Chimaera is a BLAST of BLAZING FIRE…
A multi-creature creature… a monstrous fire-breathing female creature composed of parts from other animals. A body of a Lioness… a tail that ends with a Snake head… the head of a Goat from the centre of her spine… all compiled to create a beast of monumental proportions. The offspring of two Greek demons… the Chimaera is swift-footed, brutally strong, and never backs down from a fight. Face the Chimaera and you not only battle one beast but several creatures wrapped up in one… a blast of blazing fire!!!
-courtesy of Carnival Nationz

I decided to create a piece that not only had the colors of the costume but also had the similar bits of jewels cascading down the feathers.

I did a one side earring, because something about the story line speaks of a multi-creature and what I love about one side designs, is that it allows you to be more than one look from various angles, so you can either wear a stud or chain on the other side.

(However this can be created as a pair) It's very light weight, glitzy and can be worn even after carnival!! So, I hope you enjoyed today's inspiration and also check out their site, I still see a few costumes available!


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