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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And the Winner is: Carnival Brag book Giveaway

Thank you for all who entered the 
The contest winner is JanePublic!
Congratulations JanePublic, I will be in touch soon!

Thank you all who entered! The stories were amazing and inspiring. Please look out for more giveaways coming soon! 

Love, Soca & Blessings,

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Send a message in Style!!

Growing up, I used to watch my mother on a Saturday or after work sitting at the dining room table writing up a letter or card to our family in the Caribbean. There was something so incredible about the process of writing a message making sure to include all the details of life. I love the beauty of old fashion pen to paper! Here's a few stylish greeting cards that you'll find in the shop!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Faves: Soca+Jewelry+Carnival

Today is Friday (Thank you God) and that means the weekend is basically here!!! I know a few of ya'll are preparing to pack for Trinidad Carnival and some of ya'll are just enjoying the vibes vicariously through someone else! So, while yuh organizing, here are a few of my favorite Friday things:

Soca: My 2 favorite chunes of the week: Fay Ann's Miss Behave!! I can't explain the royal madness I feel when I hear this chune! I literally almost dance up on the bus traveling to the hair dresser this week to this chune! LOVE the VIBES, the RIDDIM and her harmonizing is beautiful! 
And Iwer's "No Pain"... Of course, if you've known me for some time, I'm a Grenadian to de BONE... and if it's one thing most of us love, is good Jab-Jab chune. The beat is all I need with this chune and if it's something like Lavaman and Talpree's chune from Grenada carnival this past summer, the performance is going to be AMAZING! Can't wait!!!

Jewelry: My favorite earrings this week is Love & Soca designs and hearts! Thanks to the lovely Petra from, I sent a few of these Ear Candies to Tokyo for a fete! 
 Also, my birthday was this past week, so I'm full of love and had to wear the Red Leather Hearts for the day!! Check me enjoying the roses from hubby. Thank you honey.

Carnival Fave:
The feedback on the Carnival Brag Books is AMAZING!!! I have such a passion on saving the lil tid bits of life to always look back and remember! So, if you haven't checked it out, definitely organize and order your BRAG BOOK HERE! ALSO, it's not too late to, SIGN UP FOR THE GIVEAWAY!  It has lots of goodies and extra Carnival inspiration to keep you smiling till yuh reach!

Check me out here
Twitter: AyeShanti

Anyway have a great weekend,
Love Shanti

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carnival Brag Book "Must Save" List!

So, I received a few emails with the orders for the Carnival Brag Book about how to put it together, what to add to it, and where to start. Well here's a look at a list I wrote up with some of the pieces you should collect to complete your book. 

When ever I travel to the Caribbean for Carnival or Festivals, I tend to collect pieces of the celebration to add to my scrapbook. Here's a look at some past pages I've designed!

Collected Ticket Stubs and Photos

Decorate pages with Jewels and markers pens

Jeweled up photos for dimensions and of course a  feather collected from a costume!

Also, don't forget to sign up for the 
"Carnival Brag Book Giveaway"! (click here)
or check it out here for purchase on Etsy

Love & Soca,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aye' Shanti Client Love: Vanessa from iCandyBakedGoods

I love waking up and finding a text, email or tagged photo of a client wearing one of my designs... Check out Vanessa from iCandyBakedGoods rockin' one of the button earring designs in the monochromatic print! Not to mention that the prints from her glasses to her head tie just compliments it all! Click on the link and check out her creative baked artistry as well. Lovin' it!

Light n' Love,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carnival Brag Book Kit GIVEAWAY!

Thank you for all who entered the Carnival Brag Book Kit! Contest winner is JanePublic - Congratulations JanePublic, I will be in touch soon!

Starting today, I'm hosting a Carnival Brag Book Giveaway. Yesterday, I revealed my latest journal design to my SHOP (CLICK HERE FOR INFO) and received some lovely reviews and orders for this scrapbook like design which allows you to capture the memories, fun and vibes of your Carnival Experience! No two books are the same, so be prepared for some colorful and unique pages filled with great questions and for you to get creative and add all sorts of loveliness to it!

For chance to win the Carnival Brag Book Kit:
-Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Carnival memory, carnival song or if this is your first time, your hopes for the Carnival Season.
-For additional chances to win, like the Aye' Shanti Design facebook page or add me on twitter @ AyeShanti with #CarnivalBragBook 

Contest is open till Monday, January 30, 2012, at 12 am EST.
Randomly selected winner will be announced on Tuesday January 31, 2012!
Thank you for entering the contest. Look out for more giveaways coming soon!

Love & Soca,

Birthday Sale on Aye' Shanti!

*Singing* "Go Shanti, it's yuh birthday, I'm gonna party like it's my Birthday!!" To say THANK YOU to everyone for all the lovely messages and to all my clients for TODAY I'm having a SALE on some items in the SHOP and also FREE SHIPPING for TODAY ONLY! So head over there and apply this code to your order: BIRTHDAY! Blessings Shanti

Monday, January 23, 2012


So if anyone knows me, I love love love to scrapbook, journal, and collect all sorts of things that I can look back at and just remember the good times. Well, last year I started making carnival scrapbook pages and journals for clients and this year I'm creating more and adding it to my shop for everyone to enjoy!

NEW in SHOP (Click SHOP link)

Here's a cute, colorful and fabulous way to capture the essence of your Carnival Journey but with this compact "Brag Book". 12 hand-cut pages (4.5 x 6.5 inches) created of quality card stock, including tabs, 2 pocket pages to add Carnival ephemera ie. Costume feather, beads, fete wrist bands, tickets and your heart's desires. Use the downtime in transit to your destination, lounging on the beach, or heading back home while listening to a few 2k12 chunes to reflect on the spectacular trip!

Journal also includes a scavenger hunt like list of things you may want to collect while at Carnival and some additional stickers and tabs to add to your journal.

Contact me if you have any questions.


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Journal Yuh Journey Sneak Peek

So, if you've been on my other blog Mango+Paper+Scissors, I mainly used that space to express my passion for crafting and journaling. I then started designing and creating journals after that for my shoppe. Well, I'm currently working on the latest design which has been my dream journal for some time to share with you all. Hint of its purpose: Fun, colorful, musical, and full of culture! Here's a sneak peek and look out for the revealing tomorrow via blog, twitter, Facebook and email.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day: Juicin' & Valentine's Day Pop-Up Shop

It SNOWED today!!! Well not blizzard like but definitely a pretty snow fall that needed shoveling and cleaning up. I met with a client today to drop off a jewelry order and do some healthy food shopping after that!

 I went to a quaint shop up the block and low and behold they had a juice out of this world called "True Blood" (Yeah I know my True Blood HBO fans are smiling right now!)
Filled with Beets, Blueberry, Banana, & Pomegranate!  

Speaking of Juicing,  please check out Juice Hugger in Brooklyn (85 Rogers Avenue between St. Marks & Prospect Pl. in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.)  . I am lover of their Cashew Milk, don't knock it till you try it!  They're putting together a Pop Up Shop Valentine's Day Store on February 11th with some fabulous creative entrepreneurs including myself and my girl from A Life Balanced! So come on by because I'll have the latest designs from Love & Soca inspired jewelry! Including the green leather hearts I'm wearing below. Oh and while you're there try their yummy juices and bring home some of the cashew milk!

Have a great day.
Peace n' Blessings,

Friday, January 20, 2012



With Valentines & CARNIVAL approaching, I was so inspired to create a line of earrings that just expressed all my LOVES. If anyone knows me, besides my hubby, family, and friends, I am a  LOVER of SOCA with a passion for Color, Mas, Music, IRON, riddim oh gooosh! lol So, I decided to create  earrings that expresses just that. I present to you expressions of LOVE. Oh, and for a magical effect, check out one of my favorite Trinidad Carnival 2k12 chunes that I played all while creating these gems Nadia Batson's Intimate:

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trinidad Carnival Inspired Jewels: Yuma "Call of Duty"

So, usually around this time I'm posting all the Carnival designs I've created for my clients. However, this year I'm waiting for after Carnival to put together some photos of everyone in full mas regalia. I was given permission by one of my clients to go ahead and post their Carnival Monday earrings or I should a design close to it. Let's just say I added a lil this and that to the earring to give it a carnival vibe! She's playing in Yuma's "Call of Duty" which is a HOT design for the militant lovin' chica! Check out my SHOP  (on the right) for "You are a STAR" earrings, perfect for this costume!
Also, look out tomorrow for some "Love" inspired designs... Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yes, I watch it's a "Brad, Brad World" on Bravo and I love when he mentions "POP of Color" because I'm a believer of adding color to everything, to my food, my journals and of course my jewelry. Now that it's winter, especially here on the east coast, it's all about chunky scarves, gloves and hats. Everything is over sized and the weather can be gloomy, so for days like this, I love to accessorize with pieces that just POP.
Here are some South African traditional beaded bracelets I wore yesterday to liven up my look! The first bracelet is actually my sister's from The Brooklyn African Street Festival circa 1990. There's that little piece of string I refuse to fix, embracing all the imperfections and wearn'tear that she once wore!
So, while we wait for spring and summer days to come, accentuate your daily style with some color and culture! Choose any color off the rainbow, combine, mix, match... it's your life, treat it like a music video you would like to watch everyday!  


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Look, New Designs, Carnival 2012 & More

Happy New Years everyone! I know, it's like 17 days into the New Year and I now reach and how many days till Carnival hmmmm!? lol But it was all in the name of work and organizing! Thanks to the lovely hands of Hope from Paper Relics (btw, you must check out her blog for her amazing journals and classes because it's very inspiring), she helped create this beautiful new look for my blog. I wanted something clean and simple so I can showcase more photos and designs on the page. I've also combined Mango+Paper+Scissors blog with Aye' Shanti to keep everything in one place. So, look out for some arts&crafts on here including some of the latest Stationary in the shop!

 I'm very excited for the New Year, especially after finishing up the 12 Days of Reflection last month. So many people joined in on the journey and I received some great feedback. I just hope everyone is working on making those reflections manifest into 2012! 

As for Carnival 2012, most of my clients received their jewelry and I can't wait to see the designs on the road! I actually woke up to a twitter message from @GyeNyameJapan that she received her order and it just made me smile! Check out her blog: GyeNyameJapan for all the Afro-Caribbean styling and designs out of Japan! Check out some photos:

And as you can see, Petra is rockin' one of the latest Ankara Necklaces that match the fabric button earrings  I've been creating for my shop: Mango+Paper+Scissors and she looks lovely!

Talking about Carnival, as you can see in the last photo, I created a feather creation for her costume in the Ronnie & Caro band... with Trinidad Carnival 2k12 well on its way, I've been adding finishing touches to jewelry and accessories and they're all soooo lovely! I've also added some Carnival Journals to some special orders. Let's just say a Carnival Journal Challenge is coming very soon! Look out for it!

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