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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Faves: Soca+Jewelry+Carnival

Today is Friday (Thank you God) and that means the weekend is basically here!!! I know a few of ya'll are preparing to pack for Trinidad Carnival and some of ya'll are just enjoying the vibes vicariously through someone else! So, while yuh organizing, here are a few of my favorite Friday things:

Soca: My 2 favorite chunes of the week: Fay Ann's Miss Behave!! I can't explain the royal madness I feel when I hear this chune! I literally almost dance up on the bus traveling to the hair dresser this week to this chune! LOVE the VIBES, the RIDDIM and her harmonizing is beautiful! 
And Iwer's "No Pain"... Of course, if you've known me for some time, I'm a Grenadian to de BONE... and if it's one thing most of us love, is good Jab-Jab chune. The beat is all I need with this chune and if it's something like Lavaman and Talpree's chune from Grenada carnival this past summer, the performance is going to be AMAZING! Can't wait!!!

Jewelry: My favorite earrings this week is Love & Soca designs and hearts! Thanks to the lovely Petra from, I sent a few of these Ear Candies to Tokyo for a fete! 
 Also, my birthday was this past week, so I'm full of love and had to wear the Red Leather Hearts for the day!! Check me enjoying the roses from hubby. Thank you honey.

Carnival Fave:
The feedback on the Carnival Brag Books is AMAZING!!! I have such a passion on saving the lil tid bits of life to always look back and remember! So, if you haven't checked it out, definitely organize and order your BRAG BOOK HERE! ALSO, it's not too late to, SIGN UP FOR THE GIVEAWAY!  It has lots of goodies and extra Carnival inspiration to keep you smiling till yuh reach!

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Anyway have a great weekend,
Love Shanti

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