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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carnival Brag Book Kit GIVEAWAY!

Thank you for all who entered the Carnival Brag Book Kit! Contest winner is JanePublic - Congratulations JanePublic, I will be in touch soon!

Starting today, I'm hosting a Carnival Brag Book Giveaway. Yesterday, I revealed my latest journal design to my SHOP (CLICK HERE FOR INFO) and received some lovely reviews and orders for this scrapbook like design which allows you to capture the memories, fun and vibes of your Carnival Experience! No two books are the same, so be prepared for some colorful and unique pages filled with great questions and for you to get creative and add all sorts of loveliness to it!

For chance to win the Carnival Brag Book Kit:
-Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Carnival memory, carnival song or if this is your first time, your hopes for the Carnival Season.
-For additional chances to win, like the Aye' Shanti Design facebook page or add me on twitter @ AyeShanti with #CarnivalBragBook 

Contest is open till Monday, January 30, 2012, at 12 am EST.
Randomly selected winner will be announced on Tuesday January 31, 2012!
Thank you for entering the contest. Look out for more giveaways coming soon!

Love & Soca,


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  2. This will be my first celebration of Carnival. My hope is to cut loose and have some fun. The Journal is great by the way.

  3. my fav carnival memory is crossing the savannah stage while playing kiddies carnival.. i never crossed the stage while playing adult mas so this year will be my first year back on the stage and i'm definitely looking forward to reliving that amazing feeling of crossing the 'big stage'

  4. My favorite carnival experience was in Toronto, Canada. I hope that counts as it is the only one I've ever attended. I took a four hour train ride, my first as well and it was the best as I LOVE TRAINS!!! Making strangers my new friends, watching sisterly and brotherly love show as we played games and sang songs, enjoying new love as they made the train ride romantic. That was the prelude to watching the real magic begin. The streets and people in Toronto were on fire, it was electrifying!!! I've never feel so free and so alive. It is a memory for every suspended in my mind. What a magical place.

  5. This is my first carnival. This will be my first time returning to Trinidad since I was a child. My father died when I was young so I lost that connection along the way. I will be turning 40 this year and this my gift to myself. What I hope to get from this CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE is to re-connect with my "Trini Roots" feel the vibe of the sweet soca music, enjoy all the Trini food and most of all Lime and Fete with my fellow Trinidadians!

  6. Hi Shanti. I am returning to Trinidad for the second year in a row. Last year was my first time in Trinidad and it was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. My friends and I were supposed to play in the massai section of Tribe. I got some cool earrings made by someone named Aye Shanti (wink) who my friend Andre got several single feather earrings made by. I was all set for sweet, sweet T&T! Much to my dismay, Tribe gave our costumes away and we spent Sunday night scrambling around trying to sign-up with another band. We spent so much time and energy on Sunday night that we skipped jouver't!!! I was so disappointed. There I was, finally in Trinidad and I only went to one fete, didn't get to play with the band that I wanted to play with, and I missed jouver't!!! I was determined to make the best of things though and I got on rel bad on de road come carnival Monday and Tuesday.
    So here I am, VERY anxiously awaiting Trinidad C2K12!! I am determined to make this year make last year look like a picnic in comparison. I have already paid for three fetes, I signed-up with the same band from last year (NOT Tribe), and I am definitely playing jouver't. I would love to have one of your scrapbooks in order to be able to remember the great time that I am going to have. I want to share my experience with everyone with whom I come into contact. Here's to Trinidad C2K12!!! Leh we get on REL bad!!!!

  7. My favorite carnival song is Machel's "Jumbie". I have so many vivid memories of TnT carnival that year every time I hear that song.