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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Look, New Designs, Carnival 2012 & More

Happy New Years everyone! I know, it's like 17 days into the New Year and I now reach and how many days till Carnival hmmmm!? lol But it was all in the name of work and organizing! Thanks to the lovely hands of Hope from Paper Relics (btw, you must check out her blog for her amazing journals and classes because it's very inspiring), she helped create this beautiful new look for my blog. I wanted something clean and simple so I can showcase more photos and designs on the page. I've also combined Mango+Paper+Scissors blog with Aye' Shanti to keep everything in one place. So, look out for some arts&crafts on here including some of the latest Stationary in the shop!

 I'm very excited for the New Year, especially after finishing up the 12 Days of Reflection last month. So many people joined in on the journey and I received some great feedback. I just hope everyone is working on making those reflections manifest into 2012! 

As for Carnival 2012, most of my clients received their jewelry and I can't wait to see the designs on the road! I actually woke up to a twitter message from @GyeNyameJapan that she received her order and it just made me smile! Check out her blog: GyeNyameJapan for all the Afro-Caribbean styling and designs out of Japan! Check out some photos:

And as you can see, Petra is rockin' one of the latest Ankara Necklaces that match the fabric button earrings  I've been creating for my shop: Mango+Paper+Scissors and she looks lovely!

Talking about Carnival, as you can see in the last photo, I created a feather creation for her costume in the Ronnie & Caro band... with Trinidad Carnival 2k12 well on its way, I've been adding finishing touches to jewelry and accessories and they're all soooo lovely! I've also added some Carnival Journals to some special orders. Let's just say a Carnival Journal Challenge is coming very soon! Look out for it!

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  1. I love the cute pink dangling fabric earrings..It's so charming..It suited for me.:)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog..Keep up..
    Inkjet Paper