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Friday, September 30, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry (Miami): Fatal Angels "Venus"

So, Happy Friday everyone... The days are counting down till allyuh reach in Miami and even though I will not be there *I'monaTnTCarnivalbudget* lol , I know it's going to be a blast, especially the ladies n' gents rockin' my pieces in the fetes and on the road!!

So my Carnival Inspiration for today comes from the lovely ladies of Fatal Angels with the section called "Venus" for Natural Freaks... So, I know it's another one side earring but it really works for some costumes, especially this hot number with a hood... A hood?! Really!? This is my costume dream because I love hoodies, very urban and cute!
So, looking at this model, she's rocking the one side earring with a chain on the other! Like I mentioned yesterday, "It allows you to be more than one look from various angles..."

So, I created another version of this design, but this time with these beautiful gold rhinestone nuggets, very similar to yesterday's design for Chimaera- Carnival Nationz. Knowing Miami, when the sun hits these earrings, it's pure shine and glitz, and that's the ultimate photo op while on the road!

So, definitely head over to Natural Freaks and check out Venus and all the lovely sections including my first Miami Carnival inspiration, Orions Belt!!

Have a great weekend...

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