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Thursday, October 13, 2011

21 days of cleanse & Africa "Pink" Earrings!!

Sooo, I've been kind of quiet for about 21 days because I was on a cleanse with my girl, Alana from "A Life Balanced"... and today is finally here! This was the juicing part of the journey and it was tough but definitely worth it!! I can't wait to bite into a lentil pattie or drink a lovely peanut punch this weekend with my new favorite drink thanks to her: Cashew Milk from Juice Hugger, right here in Brooklyn!

I documented my journey in this lovely hand-made journal and can't wait to sure some great things that I've learned along the way!

She even juiced a great kale/banana concoction that I had to keep my eye out for a ninja blender to start making my own juices!

Also, after a lovely meeting with Alana, she shared some lovely goodies with me from her beautiful whipped body butters, black soap, that I now use not only after a warm shower but also as a preparation before I sit in my studio to work! Please check her link out when you get a chance for all the healthy loveliness she has to share!

Oh, being that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I've
created a Africa "Pink" Earring design for a few ladies doing the walks, events, and look out for some giveaways!!

More information to come soon!

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