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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry: Fatal Angels "Sinfully Sweet"

When it comes to carnival, I'm always looking at the cut, design, and shape of a costume before creating an earring or accessories for a client. When I stumbled across Fatal Angel's "Sinfully Sweet" section with Ramajay Mas, I was automatically in love with the color and the various options.
 Front-line with large headpiece &  backpack
 Monokini option available in Pink or Brown
Photos by Ryan John

They have a number of designs for you to choose from, and I decided to create a piece for the Backline w/Feather Headpiece in mind.
I love the curve of the head piece, so I put together some various shades of pink feathers, making sure to choose the ones with a slight bend to match the shape of the head piece.

I then added some jewels in a curve for some uniformity. I'm a lover of one side earrings, and with a head piece of this nature, a one side feather would work perfectly. Either a chain earring on the other side or a crystal stud can be paired with it. This is a light weight earring which is great for jumpin' up and forgetting that you have an accessory on. 

For more information please contact: Fatal Angels
or check out Ramajay Mas  to get a taste of  "Sinfully Sweet!"
For your carnival accessories and jewels, you can contact me at!


  1. I love love love it! it's gorgeous. will definitely be promoting this to our masqueraders.

  2. That'll be great! Wait till we work on yours!