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Monday, July 18, 2011

Island Hopping Inspired Jewelry: SNEAK PEEK!!

So, I've been holding on to these pieces for a minute in preparation for them to be worn by a few of my clients heading down to the Carnivals/Festivals, so I'm SOOOOO excited. I actually had the pleasure of wearing them at the "Grenada Day" event in Brooklyn yesterday, and such a wonderful response! I will be posting them up very soon on the Etsy: Mango+Paper+Scissors Shoppe! Here's a glimpse of a few pieces I created recently.

Grenada "Greenz" with swarvoski crystal to map out the parish I'm from "St. Andrews"

Barbados "Bim" with crystals to map out the parishes "St. Michael & St. Philip"

Trini Leather Button Size Earrings!!

Also, this week is all about carnival inspired jewelry from Carnival Hunters, Carnival Divaz, & Fatal Angels to name a few... I had a great weekend and lots to share!

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