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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry: Carnival Divaz' "Bacchanalia"

For Day 3 of Carnival Inspired Jewelry, I have the pleasure of creating a piece inspired by the fabulous designs of Carnival Divaz Promotions, section "Bacchanalia" with Sesame Flyers for Labor Day in Brooklyn. It is full of feathers, jewels, and lots of colors... 

I wanted to work with a design like this because of it's large head piece. I've always created long feathery, leather, or crochet w/ crystals earrings and wanted to try something a little different. Recently I've been working with carnival lovers who must play front-line, and with a head piece that is large, in my opinion a smaller design close to the ear like a button earring can be the perfect balance for accessorizing your costume.

So taking some of the colors from "Bacchanalia", I created a jeweled button earring that is the size of a half dollar which allows for crystals to glisten in the sun, yet it doesn't over power the face. Again, I love when you can take off your head piece and if it's the face jewels or accessories, you still portray the mas! 

I also have another design that's currently in my shoppe Mango+Paper+Scissors  called "Rainbow after the Storm" that also mimics the colors and of this costume!

So if you're still deciding who to play mas with for Labor Day in Brooklyn and you want to go Front-line, here's an Ultra-Inclusive Front-line Only Section to checkout! 

Fore more information contact Carnival Diva at 347-791-6499 or

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