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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carnival Inspired Jewelry: Carnival Hunters "Parrot"

So, I’m working on orders and designs for Carnivals throughout the Caribbean to Toronto, NY, and London this summer, I'm having a great time putting together pieces inspired by costumes. I had the pleasure of going to Carnival Hunters Band Launch this past Saturday, which was my first fete in a loooooonnnnnnnggg time lol and it was a nice come back. Held on the roof of the Brooklyn Children's Museum, as soon as you entered the doors of the event, you were instantaneously brought to a Caribbean vibes filled with colors, music, and of course my favorite IRON! lol

But, back to CARNIVAL! I've been eyein' this costume on Facebook for Kadooment (Barbados) called "Parrot" with the band Fantasy Barbados. For some reason, I have a thing for Mohawk head pieces and just loved the look, so I created a feather/chain design. One thing I notice about jumping up, is that I start off with my head piece on, then in the middle of the jump up, you'll find it either on the truck or in hand, and when it's time to CROSS, I have it back on like the Carnival Queen I was meant to be. So, I created an earring with that in mind. 

First, I wanted to play with a piece that's light weight, and embraced the colors. I love the idea of wearing an earring that allows you to take off your head piece and still look like mas. (Btw, forgive me, this was an early morning shoot and I was trying to play around with the lighting on my iPhone, but trust the feathers has more of the turquoise color that matches the costume.)

 I loved the chain work on the belt, so you'll find a combination of feathers and chains. When it comes to this, I also realize, this would be a great one side earring where you have an intense one side with the feather design and the other side just gold chains... Designed to wear on and off the road!

So, if you're in Barbados for Crop Over I would definitely rock this costume (with these earrings of course) down the road! So don't hesitate, if you're heading down or want to head down last minute, hit them up! 

For more information please contact:
Caribbean Passion
Read more about the Carnival Hunters International ban launch here on JayBlessed
And for more photos and information about the section check out:  NYCaribbeanVibes
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Oh and speaking of Barbados, check out my "Island Hoppin' Line" featuring the map of Barbados! COMING SOON...

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