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Friday, February 26, 2010

Trinidad Carnival is Over and I'm Fine!! lol

Greetings Famahlee,
So in the mean time, enjoy this mix: While I organize my thoughts and working, especially on carnival pieces, I listen to chunes for inspiration... This road mix by Machel, "Thiefin" just puts me in a jouvert vibe and if any of y'all who know me, I LOVE A JOUVERT... Ketch I playing a WICKED JAB a Jouvert NEAR YOU!!!

Sooo, I'm so happy to say that my carnival pieces were a hit. It was great to catch Aye' Shanti in pics and videos from fetes, jouvert, Monday & Tuesday Mas... I didn't get to make it this year due to a photo shoot and a show and needed to be here to handle business, HOWEVER, my spirit was in TnT... I felt as my earrings were jumpin' and flying in the fetes, I felt the spirit of the madras piece on de road for jouvert ketchin' real' vibes that I literally was thinking around 4 am... Ms. BachannalDiva must be on de road ALLL now... Or that the feather pieces Isis from Fatal Angels were rocking was totally making a debut not only on Monday but Tuesday! Oh and my girls in Tribe, Stacy n' Joanne brought the flower adornment and crochet earrings alive! There are lots of more Aye' Shanti Carnival pieces that I haven't mentioned and waiting for pics, but sooo happy for the connections, especially to my beautiful clients!

Sooo... now it's all about Summer 2k10... Fabulous website coming along, a wedding photo shoot in the works for the Spring.. and of course being ahead of the game have the Fall 2k10 line ready for production!

I'm learning a lot about myself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and I'm so happy to pour all of that into my jewelry that I create! Stay true to self, continue loving and living life, and of course, STAY BEAUTIFUL! Oh and play some of your favorite music and enjoy the snow and pretend to play mas! Lol

Blessings, Light, and Om Shanti!!
Oh and look for these fetes:

Sugar Apple & Bash Brothaz… INVIDIA: Sunday March 28th @ Mystique Club & Lounge


Eyes Wide Shut 10th Anniversary Edition.... BLOOM: Friday May 7th!!!

And a sneak peek from the photo shoot:

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