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Monday, August 30, 2010

Some say Last Lap, Some say it's just the beginning!!

Greetings family!!
So, as we near Labor Day on the Parkway, there's so much I'm preparing for... Finishing up earrings and custom order pieces for Carnival costumes (Oh, I wish I was playing!!!) and also preparing for one of the most fabulous Caribbean fashion shows this Carnival Saturday at the Aviator Ballroom in Brooklyn!! SO, please come and check us out before Panorama, or that all inclusive fete... it starts at 6pm SHARP, and besides checking out the hottest Caribbean designers in town, you're also going to check out some new pieces from the Aye' Shanti collection! Very DRAMATIC, VERY COLORFUL, and VERY UNIQUE!!
Some other great news, the website, the website, the website... There will be a launch this week, and I'm excited with the great help of the web designer (Nooner) for getting things on the ball... I can't wait!
It usually takes a certain someone(s) to get fire under your foot, and push you... and I'm definitely making moves... Thanks babes!!
So, even though this is last lap for some... it's also the carnival beginning for others... I'm already working with people for their Miami Carnival costume jewelry... and YESSSS, I've seen the costumes for Trinidad 2k11... well not all, my Carnival spirit couldn't watch it all yet till after this fashion show!! lol

So famahlee, if you need tickets contact me via email or on facebook!(Please check flyer below) Hope you have a fabulous week and stay tune for details!!!

Blessings n' Light,
Aye' Shanti

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  1. I am so happy to see this is coming together as well as the launch of the website! U so deserve it & I will be supporting you alway! Muwah!