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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

D.I.Y. Fabric Lined Calendar

It's the 1st of the month and my mum and I have a tradition where we say "Rabbit+Rabbit+Rabbit" (you can check out this post on my old blog about the meaning). I wrote out my list out for the month  and realized there's so many things going on, so I wanted to create an easy calendar for the kitchen where hubby and I can check and know what's going on for the month as well as making it available to be interchangeable and custom designed. This is an easy tutorial for a fabric lined Kitchen Calendar!

* Sheet Protector
*Adhesive (glue or double sided tape)
*Magnets (adhesive backed)
*Fabric (I opted for a natural looking fabric to look like the old sugar bags from Home)
*Print out of Calendar

Gather your supplies! You can cut a piece of fabric that lines that top or side binding which measured about  4" x 11". You fold the fabric and adhere to the back with double sided tape or glue and adhere to the front as well. 
I then  placed two (self adhesive) magnets on either side of the calendar and SWEET, you have your calendar holder. Then place your calendar in the protective sheet! 

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