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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days of Reflection 2012 Challenge

12 Days of Reflection 2012 Challenge December 12-23rd Reflection-> the ability to reflect beams or rays. Reflect-> manifest or bring back
Join me again for 12 days of Reflection 2012. Every year around the holidays, I dedicate some time to #reflect in a journal or notebook with questions and lists about the past year and my hopes for the New Year. Two years ago, I was so inspired by a group of women who created an online challenge of sorts called #reverb11, #relish11, or # resound11 (check those hashtags on Twitter, especially my creative friend, Hope from They gave out daily prompts or questions throughout the month of December that allowed you to think about the past year and to also prepare for the coming year through reflective writing, journaling or drawing. It doesn’t take much to start; all you need is a pen, some paper/journal or even use your notes section from your phone or tablet and a few minutes out of your day. Share the questions with your family and friends, add your own questions for yourself, get creative with your pages (if you want to) and just enjoy the journey. I have decided to create a smaller version of this event called 12 Days of Reflection (#reflect12) from December 12th – 23rd filled with topics on the past year and preparing for 2013. You can follow my prompts here on on my Facebook page, Twitter or on Instagram. Have fun and share your entries! If you post about your reflections, tag your friends and also use the hashtag: #reflect12! If you blog about it, share it with me. Day One:

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