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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 3 in BIM

As I'm awaken by the sweet breeze which caresses my cheeks this morning, I realize it's filled with fresh green grass, sun, riddim, aromatic fruits and flowers of this beautiful island of Barbados. It makes me nostalgic for my Spice Isle and soo thankful to be from the Caribbean. Each night has been amazing parties, people asking about my earring designs, and just a sweeet sweeet vibes. It has literally remove the memories and drowned the once familiar sounds of Brooklyn, New York... Speaking of sounds, I've yet to hear a Tuk band play and hope that I get the chance to before we prepare for this event today "Party Central Lime" (please refer to the first entry on this blog or my Face book for information and flyer). Otherwise, Day 3 is starting off great and hope the Aye' Shanti promotions is a success... Speak to you soon famahlee, sending much light and love...

A beautiful flower that inspires and makes me thankful to create flower adorned pieces.

Wearing one of my green feathers with chains and feeling strong n' regal with it on!

A room with a view I call this pic! My first day here and as I sat down for the first time, this is what I saw, meditated for a 2nd and said "thank you... Ommmm Shanti"

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