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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Morning After:

The morning after... Smh! Last night was a success. From the tabling, the music, the vibbbes, Party Central Lime for the Barbados Independence was sweeeeet! Between Ki-Leah Cosmetic Design and Aye' Shanti Pieces, we had a fabulous time promoting, networking, and just having plain ole' fun! I loved watching the customers take off their earrings they came with and placing my designs on the spot of purchase and as the girls were gettin glammed up from the amazing Ki-Leah artistry they were clearly as a Bajan would put it, wukkinup in their seats! I am definitely looking into doing this for Grenada's Independence and for the Caribbean in general. I love what I'm doing and doing what I love!

Blessings n' Light,
Aye' Shanti

One of the bartenders getting ready for the Party Central Lime celebration!

This is the morning after picture of a section from where the party took place. Wicked view from my room.

Ki-Leah and Aye' Shanti model, Ramona, looking fabulous!!!

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