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Thursday, January 24, 2013

"33 & Fierce" scrapbook birthday page!

Today is my blessed 33rd birthday and it feels AWESOME! Made a large cup of green juice, hubby to be bought me some beautiful roses, reading all the amazing messages and created this 12x2 scrapbook page dedicated to being 33 & FIERCE! (finger snaps included lol)
I used a pic from my instagram that I shot of an ad in a NYC subway station and my new logo designed by the fabulous artist, Kendall Simpson. The sista in the ad looked so beautiful and the boldness of her low hair cut and her facial expression is on POINT. I also created a 33 things I'm thankful for list. I have a group I'm a part of every Tuesday and we list all the things we're thankful for during the week. I haven't been on my game for some months and I decided to include my list of 33 things to this page. I'll list out everything I used to create this over the weekend, but for the time being enjoy!

Have a blessed day,

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I like your new logo-- kudos for keeping things fresh! That's awesome that you belong to a gratitude group. Do you meet in person, online, or via phone? Or is it a blog link party kinda thing?