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Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Reflection 2011 Challenge - Day 1

Good Morning and Welcome to the 1st Day of "12 Days of Reflection Challenge". Even though the 1st reflection was sent out last week, I hope it gave you some time to organize your thoughts for your first journal entry! You will find each reflection on my Aye' Shanti Designs Facebook page, posted in the Event section, here on my blog or on Twitter Have fun and share your entries! If you post about your reflections, tag your friends and also use the hashtag: # reflect11! If you blog about it, share it  and I will definitely tweet and share the links! Have a great day.... 

 I decided to use some magazine clippings in my first entry!
 I found this image in Urban Outfitters catalog and loved how serene this sista looked petting the horse... Oh and I love her denim outfit with scarf... and her hair! (hint hint 2012)

Here's my #reflect11
So if I had to name 2011, I would call it, SURVIVAL... I feel so blessed with all that's in my life from my home, my honeybun, my family, framilies lol, and just awesome people in my life, despite the ups and downs with getting a business together, learning to listen to my inner self more and as Tim Gunns would say "Making it Work"... I have nothing to complain but just SURVIVE... it has literally been the building block and foundation for my 2012. I claim 2012 to have a first and last name: BOLD & BRILLIANT. I see fabulousness, fun times, more creativity and just a colorful experience. I am so excited that even though it's for 2012, I'm already starting and letting the names reflect my life!! *EXHALE*

Can't wait to share tomorrow's Reflection Prompt!

Have an amazing day!


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