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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Reflection 2011 Challenge - Day 2

Good Morning and welcome to Day 2 of "12 Days of Reflection Challenge!" Today’s question/prompt is “What were some thankful moments of 2011?” 

This was inspired by a beautiful group of sistas I’m apart of called Thanksgiving Tuesday, where we use our Tuesdays to reflect on what we’re thankful for!  I decided to paint my page gold in reference to Jill Scott’s song “Golden” and use bits and pieces of paper I cut out!

Here it goes:
-Afternoon tea with my mum
-For the experiences good and bad. They made me stronger
-Text messages from my besties
-For meeting so many inspiring people
-Creative days and nights
-Dates with my honey!
-Hugs from my father!
-Visits with my 2nd family!

I love reading so many different responses and I’m so thankful for everyone sharing them. There’s something so amazing about sharing your experiences because you find yourself either relating to the person or know someone in your life who has a similar experience. Let’s continue this journey of self reflection and allow ourselves to let go so we can be refreshed for 2012!

You will find each reflection on my Aye’ Shanti DesignsFacebook Page, posted in the Event Section, here on my blog or on Twitter. Have fun and share your entries! If you post about your reflections, tag your friends and also use the hashtag: #reflect11! If you blog about it, share it, and I will definitely tweet and share the links.

Have  a lovely afternoon,

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