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Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis' the Season in Style!

Good morning lovely people,
So now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm sure everyone is organizing their lists for gifts or greeting cards for the special people in their lives. For some time, I've been creating greeting cards for clients and finally for the holidays I've prepared a line to be sold in my Etsy Shop!

 Here's the first batch of goodies which are an eclectic mix of fashion, vintage, culture and flirty for the holidays. Not to mention my favorites "Clutch Your Pearls" and "Cultural Hand Bags".

These cards were created to not only be placed on the mantel but a lovely addition to your desk, to be framed, or even displayed all year round, especially for the materials used to create this lovely effect where the design comes off the page.

These One of a Kind designs are hand printed here in my studio and there are more to come with a Caribbean twist. So, I pray I don't take a sip of my mum's punch a cream this weekend, because I have so many more to create!!

So head over to Mango+Paper+Scissors Etsy Shop to start your holiday in style! I definitely will accept custom orders (I LOVE) and also check out the jewelry which are perfect stocking stuffers!


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