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Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome August 2011: Fashion Show, Contest, NEW Designs!

Rabbit+Rabbit+Rabbit!! This is the first of month tradition (thank you granny and mum), check out the meaning on Mango+Paper+Scissors and how I've made it such a great accountable tool!

So, the month of August is full of WORK... good WORK! One, I'm preparing for the Caribbean Fashion Extravaganza on Saturday September 3rd, 2011. I did the show last year and this year I'm actually being featured, so you can only imagine the butterflies in my stomach as I finish up the designs. You definitely want to be there because it's full of some great Caribbean designers and of course some never seen before Aye' Shanti designs!! Soooo, if you don't see me in a fete, I'm either in the gym or in my studio working hard!

Another great thing about August: Summer Giveaway with

I'm so excited to be working in collaboration with Jay Blessed on the Biggest Fan Contest. Here's a Caribbean sista with lots on her mind, quick on her toes, and just full of information  from the Caribbean with entertainment, updates, and events! Check out her latest vlog below and check this link out for CONTEST RULES. You'll be receiving one of my popular designs from the Banana Leaf Collection: Turks & Pinks, a Taste of the Tropics: Hand-painted Moleskine journal, and another sweet surprise! Also, for a limited time, readers will receive $5 off any order between July 30th-August 6th using code: JAYBLESSED

And, to welcome the month of August, I love to share my designs! This lovely mix of leather and hammered copper is BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, and captures the sunlight so well... This piece will be available in various colors and ready to accompany you to the next dance! lol Look out for this piece on Mango+Paper+Scissors Shoppe very soon!!!

Anyway, let me run, heading to the gym and back to some lovely designing!
Happy August, Happy CropOver, and Happy Emancipation Day in the Caribbean!

Much love,

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